Jacquard Fabrics −

Designs in: Meryl/Lycra®, Tactel/Lycra® & Lurex/Lycra®

We can play it any way you like with electronic jacquard design!

We knit a wide range of stretch Jacquard fabrics with Meryl, Tactel or Lurex and Lycra® on our electronic jacquard machinery.

We have an archive of 100s of designs on several very different base fabrics.

The beauty of this technology is that the pattern area on this machinery is bigger than the average garment so in garment terms the pattern area is effectively infinite!

Using our computer aided design (CAD) software we can digitally scan your design, motif or company logo and incorporate it into a pattern knitted into the fabric structure to customise your sportswear, corporate or fashion fabric.

Knitting our Jacquard Fabrics with Lycra® the branded elastane yarn from Invista (formerly DuPont) that stretches several times in length with full recovery gives enhanced fit, stretch, comfort and performance to your garments.

You can Pick & Mix elements from our range 100s of sample and development Jacquard fabrics and incorporate them into your own fabric design.


Most of the above fabrics can be dyed to chlorine fast shades suitable for swimwear.

As well as internationally renowned branded yarns and fibres Lycra®, Meryl and Tactel we can knit your designs in quality elastane and unbranded nylon and polyester microfibres.

SUPPLEX® and TACTEL® fibres are registered trademarks of INVISTA and is used under license for NILIT® for nylon fibre products.

LUREX® is a registered trademark of Lurex Company Ltd.

LYCRA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA.

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