Made in England

We are a British company based in the centre of the city of Nottingham. We are manufacturers of high quality knitted stretch fabrics for dancewear, sportswear, leisurewear and technical uses.

We knit all our fabrics in our Nottingham factory and all our dyeing & finishing and printing is done in the UK.


Rainbow Jersey is a Lycra® Assured Knitter, fully accredited by Invista (formerly Du Pont) and we specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality stretch jersey fabrics knitted with Lycra® or elastane and leading branded fibres including Supplex®, Meryl, Tactel and Lurex to provide advanced comfort and fit to your garments.


We are a small but very experienced team of individuals who have spent most of their working lives manufacturing fabrics on circular weft knitting machines.


We have a commitment to build-in quality at every stage of our manufacturing process from purchasing the best quality yarns and fibres to knitting them on the best available knitting machinery – all our machines are made by Monarch- and all our fabrics are knitted in our own Nottingham factory under our close supervision and are processed by the most experienced dyers & finisher and printers in the UK.


By being so close to our product we are able to offer that extra degree of control over our fabrics than some of our competitors who farm out all their knitting to sub contractors or who import fabrics from whoever is cheapest at the moment.


Because of our size and our experience we are able to offer that extra element of personal service and delivery performance to make things run more smoothly for our customers

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